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Homeopathy and  Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine: online consultations for you and your family

  • support the immune system 

  • speed up the recovery process​ 

  • balance the emotions 

Used worldwide by millions of people this system of medicine comprehensively treats the individual based on symptoms and sensations in the body. 

In the case of children, the prescription is based on their moods, behavior, complexion, bowel movements, etc.

In Adults, I like to integrate TCM diagnostics within the homeopathic case taking. This involves asking many questions about life, personal and family history, diet, lifestyle, mental and emotional states.

Homeopathy has been in use for about 250 years.  It is a safe effective medicine to gently shift you out of "stuck states" mental, emotional and physical.  Contemporary science hasn't been able to explain how it works yet, how can diluted substances be that powerful ?.  The proof really is your experience.  One of the simple principles behind it is that 'like cures like'.*   Sometimes it so fast-acting and effective people very quickly forget they were even sick...

I see Herbs almost as essential as food when it comes to health. They are all around us to keep us healthy.  I love working with Chinese Herbs as we have 4,000 years of accumulated knowledge to fall back on. 

Combining the two 

Being fairly result-driven, I tend to prescribe both most of the time, depending on the case severity and duration of the disease. 

Homeopathy working on and emotional /spiritual/mental level and herbs at a more organ /physiological /nourishment level. 

In the case of children often a single remedy is what is needed.

Treatment in practice, an example 

This week I have been supporting an existing patient of mine for feelings of overwhelm and anxiety, feeling like she couldn't cope with working from home with her child. 

This is what we did :

-gave her a constitutional remedy 

-suggested a series of acupressure points, sent her diagrams 

After this, she felt much stronger and happier to get on with her life. 

treatments - online
acu for adults

Acupuncture for adults 

Try acupuncture to help you reconnect to yourself, de-stress, and fine-tune your health. It can be especially effective to balance and strengthen your body after illness, improve digestion and fertility, radiating vitality. Try it out for the following complaints :

  • Stress

  • Chronic or acute pain 

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Digestive complaints

  • Hormonal Issues

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Incontinence 

  • Edema

  • Skin complaints 

  • Post viral fatigue

During this Acupuncture treatment, very fine needles are tapped into the skin at a superficial level to increase blood flow to the upper back in order to reduce pain and tension 

tcm and moxa

Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs and Moxa  

Acupuncture is complimented by Chinese herbal medicine for balancing the body. A very simplified explanation of why they work so well together is that often herbs can reach where needles cannot.

The strategies used in Acupuncture can also be applied to Herbs.  As an example, if the Acupuncture being used is to reduce phlegm, clear the heat and inflammation in the lungs then herbs for dissolving phlegm will be used alongside cooling herbs to reduce the heat from the inflammation. The high-quality herbs I use are sourced from Phoenix Medical and are RCHM Approved.

Your prescription will either come in concentrated granules to be diluted in boiling water or be raw herbs that are boiled to make a  strong tea called a decoction. 

Moxibustion or Moxa is another TCM treatment and consists of burning compressed cigar of mugwort herb over certain points or meridians. 

Here is a picture of a Moxa treatment  to strengthen the Stomach function on point ST 36

Children's Treatments

Acupuncture is very effective for treating childhood conditions such as bedwetting, colics, and other digestive and respiratory issues. On the whole, babies find it painless -if playfully distracted in the arms of their mums.

Generally, I prefer to treat babies and children with homeopathy first but for persistent issues Acupuncture is great. The needles are not retained as a little stimulation is sufficient to get them back on track.

The treatment itself is very short. 


Japanese Pediatric non-invasive/no -needle acupuncture helpful for gently rebalancing babies and children. 

Used in Japan for over 250 years to help children with excessive crying, colic, insomnia, KISS syndrome, bedwetting, digestive complaints, ADHD, emotional issues and improve sensory integration and delayed development.

The therapy consists of awakening the pathways of the meridians with gentle rhythmic strokes and gentle tapping with a Shonishin tool. The treatment is relaxing and very quick. 

childrens trea

Other adult treatments 

 Facial Revitalisation with Acupuncture 

Also known as Facial or Cosmetic Acupuncture. The face is gently massaged along the pathways of the meridians with the fingertips followed by gentle Guasha smoothing stokes (a traditional Chinese beautifying tool) to improve circulation and make the skin look radiant in preparation for the insertion of thin sterile needles.

 Different results can be achieved depending on individual needs (lifting, tightening, improving tone, smoothing expression lines) however, this is so more than just a cosmetic treatment as the whole body experiences a sense of relaxation well-being and balance.

During a facial rejuvenation treatment, the small sterile mono-use needles are carefully inserted in the face and body and left in place for 30/40 minutes. This treatment can help with the following : 

  • forehead furrows

  • sagging skin

  • drooping jawline

  • sagging muscles

  • crow’s feet

  • drooping eyelids

  • eye puffiness

  • dark circles under eyes

  • age spots

  • TMJ tension 

  • dull complexion 

Medical Micro-needling

This treatment is particularly indicated for improving the quality of the skin on the face.

My patients have reported both an immediate change in the smoothness of their skin and its luminosity and a more longer-term improvement (6 to 10 treatments).

They also reported that the treatment tightened their pores and eliminated fine lines.

The turnover time for the regeneration of the skin cells is about 2 to 3 months. This is really when you start to see a noticeable difference to your complexion.

I use premium titanium rollers made by Clinicare.

other adult treatments
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