These are some nice things my patients had to say about me ...



"Over the years I have tried at least 10 acupuncturists.  I always found the treatments too prescriptive or business-like, but when I started going to Louisa, I was struck by how her approach was a perfect harmony of a caring attitude coupled with a deep understanding of Chinese medicine.

Unlike other times when I've gone for acupuncture, I felt the effect of her treatments from the very first session. 

I honestly felt that these treatments were changing my life.

I highly recommend that you meet Louisa and receive treatments from her."

YB , Yoga teacher 


"The treatments of facial acupuncture and massage I’ve received from Louisa have been a fantastic experience. Over a period of six months my (mature!) skin has become tighter in tone and more youthful looking. So says my husband and I think so too. Also its very nice to know that my general health is being targeted in these relaxing sessions”.


KD age 50, Writer



“Louisa has the most exquisite touch and her face treatments are amazing. Her facial acupuncture has visible rejuvenating effects with the bonus of enhanced well-being. What more could one ask for?”


GD, Teacher

"Acupuncture was something I knew little about before starting but after just one session with Louisa I felt completely revitalised and have found an inner calm I haven’t experienced in years. Louisa is truly fantastic acupuncturist who is a pleasure to see, she’s caring and professional and takes you as a patient very seriously.I would highly recommend Louisa’s acupuncture to anyone, particularly if like me you’re suffering from stress and anxiety…it can change your life.Thank you Louisa!”


KK, Fashion Stylist

"My acupuncture session with Louisa was healing and relaxing. Having looked into all aspects of my health and life we discussed my issues in depth and she was very insightful into what sections of the body we should concentrate on - she complimented this with both nutritional and lifestyle advice which was extremely helpful. She has a wonderfully light and healing touch and once the needles are placed there is an amazing sensation of tingling throughout the body while you lie there and let the acupuncture do it’s work. You can feel a connected energy moving though your body and the overall experience was very meditative. Afterwards I felt completely amazing and refreshed. I would highly recommend.... Thank you”


– LW, Artist


“I saw Louisa for treatment throughout her later stages of training following a prolonged period of difficulty with various health issues. I find her calm, caring and reassuring and she takes great interest in my overall wellbeing including both physical and emotional aspects. She has an interest in nutrition and other complimentary therapies through which her positive attitude towards improvement of general health is clear, encouraging a variety of approaches to nurturing and supporting your body, whilst performing relaxing acupuncture sessions for immediate help or relief."


– CF age 34, Ethical Fashion designer

"Louisa is an excellent therapist. She is an upbeat and positive person and also empathetic and good at helping you relax and put the days stresses aside. It always surprises me how uncannily intuitive she is in feeding back about what is going on for me physically and emotionally and even diet wise after having a quick look at me and examining my eyes, skin pulse and tongue.  I find helpful that she can work on a number of levels and adjusts the treatment to suit what is happening in your life. For instance she can work on a gentle level and pace if you have a lot to do the following day or are new to acupuncture, or provide a strong deeper treatment when appropriate. Its really convenient that Louisa can visit us at home with a super comfortable treatment table, or I can take time out to visit her in her treatment room depending on what suits me that week. She is always attending conferences, and keeping abreast of the latest treatment developments so I feel I'm in good hands! Highly recommended."

RD , Media Lecturer 

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